Bryan Carroll


Bryan CarrollBryan's journey after graduation began at Raritan Valley Community College in Bridgewater, NJ.  He attended part-time for two years while involving himself in various community music projects.  In 2015, Brian formed his first band called Pixelface.  Since that time, he has been regularly playing in four different bands (Knightly, Ventress, Young Bucks and Super Thrash Brothers) alternating as a drummer and lead singer.  "I practice every day and play mostly on the weekends," noted Bryan.

Bryan has also created his own booking and production agency called Beardly Booking.  They feature new bands at the All Star Music Empire Music School in Flemington, NJ, which doubles as a venue for the bands on weekends. While playing in bands and booking events for the new ones, Bryan has also been employed full-time at the Home Depot as a receiving supervisor since 2016.

When asked if Bryan had anything he would like to relay to the Collier HS alumni he shared these thoughts.  "I wouldn't have known how much I love music if I hadn't attended Collier High School.  I also realized that you are the only person stopping you from your goals.  If you want something badly enough, it may be a little scary at first but remember that it's ok to fail.  Try to learn from it and then pick yourself up and keep going.  I attribute my successes to dedication, discipline, hard work, cooperation and communication with people."

Congratulations on your successes Bryan and rock on!