Collier High School Kateri Campus

Kateri High School

The behavioral support at the Kateri campus allows for individual needs to be met with one to one clinical intervention as well as behavioral intervention throughout the school day. Behavior goals are clearly defined on a daily basis and monitored in the form of daily reflection sheets are completed by students with clinical support. Each student must achieve the behavioral goals represented on the reflection sheet at a 95% success rate in order to participate in weekly positive reinforcement reward activities. Self-esteem and self-mastery is at the heart of the restorative discipline approach. Students who require social skill instruction and behavioral management benefit from this program.

Students learn about themselves and the world in which they live by participating in community based service learning experiences. This educational approach combines learning objectives with community service in order to provide progressive, engaged learning while responding to community need. This strategy is suitable for students who are kinesthetic learners following  a ”hands on," interactive approach to education. Collier High School’s Kateri campus is perfect for students who may need:

  • Assistance with focus and concentration
  •  Smaller teacher to student ratio
  • Continuous incentives and behavioral support
  • A calm cohesive environment with fewer transitions
  • Service Learning opportunities
  • Occupational and Speech services
  • Project based learning strategies
  • Opportunities to join in clubs and athletics on the main campus
  • Extended School Year Program

For information about the Kateri Program Extended School Year, contact Judy at 732-946-4771 x401 or