Posted on 03/30/2018
This is the image for the news article titled JACOB SCHAFFER, CLASS OF 2011 BRINGS CIRCLE SONGS TO CHSYou may be wondering right now, "What are Circle Songs?"  Jacob Schaffer, Class of 2011 explains it as a tool for connection and bringing people together.  It is a practice he learned after spending a week with musician Bobby McFerran from the "Don't Worry Be Happy!" fame.  Circle Songs were started by Mr. Mc Ferran and have since been presented worldwide. 

Jacob learned the process of using music to bring people together and also how it could be used as a form of meditation and healing.  He thought that it might be a fun way to bring a positive message to the students of CHS.  So as they stood in a large circle in the gym they systematically repeated sounds and wJSords that brought a melodius humming energy into the room.  There was a feeling of connection among the students, along with fun and laughter.  Jacob said it was an amazing experience to return to CHS and share the Circle Songs with the students.  He also shared his journey of the last seven years that brought him back to his alma mater.  After graduating from CHS, he took a gap year at the Dyamy Program in Massachusetts.  It was there that he decided to become a certified yoga instructor, a practice he espouses to this day.  Jacob then pursued his interest in audio engineering by attending the Quad Studios Program in New York City.  They set him up in an internship in a recording studio with mentors so that he could learn how to produce music.  Jacob sang and played guitar at various music clubs while residing in New York City.  "When I reflect on my time at CHS, I see that it allowed a safe place for me to find and become myself.  I have fond memories of the music gave me a lot of confidence to play music in New York City."   At the same time he was performing in clubs, Jacob was also a sales associate at a Manhattan Apple Store.  In 2013, he moved back to Interlaken, New Jersey.  He continues to perform live at various music clubs as well as developing different workshops by using music as a tool to bring connection among people.