David Patrusevich- Class of 2003

David Patrusevich, former Collier High School Student

David entered Delaware Valley University in Pennsylvania in September 2003 and received his Bachelor's degree in Biology in the Zoology track in 2013.  While he was studying for his degree, David was employed full-time in retail but he was also involved in various research projects in ornithology in Arizona.  In 2008, he completed a field job in Lake Havasu doing bird surveys. That same year he conducted surveys for Northern Arizona University with the Yellow Billed Cuckoos, an endangered species of birds.  In his spare time he volunteered at the Tuscon Audubon Society where he monitored bluebird nest boxes.  The following is a list of the many places that David determined the diversity and density of the bird population and was able to identify their species and songs:  In Texas, David was at the Big Bend National Park, Amistad National Recreation Area, Guadalupe Mountains and the Fort Davis National Monument.  In New Mexico he was at the White Sands National Monument and the Carlsbad Caverns.

In June 2016, David was employed at the Great Basin Bird Conservatory in Nevada as an Avian Field Biologist where he did environmental impact studies at the Solar Power Facility.  When this project was completed in November 2016, he moved to his cousins home in Tallahassee Florida where he was employed at the Tall Timbers Research Station.  He worked on a vegetation survey that studied the effects of forest management on three species of birds.  David is currently researching zoology graduate programs in Florida.

David admitted that his chosen profession of ornithology has been challenging with regards to the availability of employment.  However, he noted that "despite the obstacles that may come my way, I keep going and would encourage others not to give up.  My interests were always encouraged by the Collier staff.  I would not be where I am today without Collier High School.  The teachers and the counselors provided me with support and I always thought of the school as my home."