Counseling at Collier High School--a NJ Alternative High School
Clinical Support

Individual Counseling
: Masters-level clinicians provide weekly therapy sessions to all students as well as case management. This support enables youngsters to engage in a challenging educational curriculum

Psychiatric Services
: In response to a need identified by district staff and parents, Collier School offers psychiatric services - including prescription of medication following initial assessment - for students who are not currently seeing a psychiatrist privately. 

Summer Counseling
:  The therapeutic connection with students are maintained over the summer months. 

Group Therapy
: Individualized counseling is enhanced through specialized group therapies, including grief, adoption, survivor, addiction,socialization, and empowerment. 

Equine Therapy
: Collier has developed a partnership with the Monmouth County Park System to provide 6-week equine therapy programs in both the Spring and Fall.  A curriculum was developed specifically for CMS to incorporate our core values of Respect, Responsibility, Safety and Kindness in students' interaction with the horses while Collier staff help them apply it to their own social development and relationships with others.

Post-Graduate Counselor:
 A special counselor works with seniors both individually and through Senior Group (a series of workshops dealing with all phases of life after high school). Every effort is made for each child to have a solid educational or employment plan upon graduation.