College Application Checklist

College application checklist for seniors at Collier High School -- a NJ alternative High school

College Application Checklist

 Application Considerations

  • Determine whether you will apply Early Decision (binding agreement), Early Action (non-binding), or regular admissions for each application
  • For schools with rolling admissions, submit the application as soon as possible

 Completing and Submitting the Applications

  • Go to the website for each college that you are applying to and complete the online application
  • If you prefer, you may be able to download a paper application
  • Please see your Post-Graduate Counselor if you are applying with the Common Application at
  • Remember to complete any supplementary forms and pay the application fee. You may be eligible for a fee waiver, so please check with your Post-Graduate Counselor

 Requesting Letters of Recommendation

  • Try to decide at the end of your junior year or September/October of your senior year, who you want to write your recommendation letters. It should be at least two people, preferably a teacher in your major and one you've had a positive relationship with in the classroom
  • Other non-family recommenders in the community should be considered also.
  • Be sure to ask them in person and make them aware of the deadlines so that they have plenty of time to write the letter
  • Please ask your Post-Graduate Counselor for an "Info/Brag Sheet" that you can give your recommender to assist them in composing your letter
  • Remember to thank your recommender for taking the time to write the letter on your behalf
  • If you are using Naviance, please see your Post-Graduate Counselor because the letters will need to be hand mailed

 Requesting Transcripts

  • COLLIER HIGH SCHOOL DOES NOT ISSUE TRANSCRIPTS. ​Your sending district high school guidance department composes your transcript after CHS sends your grades to them. You must go to your sending district high school guidance department and sign a release form to receive a copy of your transcript
  • Office copies are sent directly to the colleges/programs. Call them in advance to see if it is complete and then ask if you need an appointment to sign them out. A parent/guardian must sign them out if you are not 18 years old

 Sending College Admission Scores

  • When you register for the SAT or ACT, they ask you to name four colleges that you would like them to send your scores to, at no charge to you
  • For a fee, you can send scores from colleges that are not listed on your registration form by contacting for the SAT or for the ACT

 Financial Aid

  • Complete the FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1, at
  • Research and apply for local and national scholarships
  • There are scholarships websites listed under "Alumni" on the Collier High School Website. Please complete your Collier High School Scholarship which is on the website and paper copies are in the library
  • Consider registering with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation for financial assistance. Please see your Post-Graduate Counselor for details.

 Stay Organized While Completing The Process

  • Track the status of your application, transcript, test scores, and letters of recommendation through the Collegboard website or using an Excel spreadsheet. You can keep track of important dates and deadlines for each application
  • Submit mid-year request forms to your Post-Graduate Counselor if the college requires it
  • Notify each college whether you are accepting or refusing the offer of admission
  • A final transcript will need to be sent to your college of choice