Collier High School Drama - Man of La Mancha - 12-17-20 @ 7:00 PM
Posted on 12/15/2020
Collier High School Drama - Man of La Mancha  12-17-20 @ 7:00 PM

Collier High School Drama is proud to share their 

“Virtual” Production of the Classic Musical 

Man Of La Mancha.


Due to the current COVID-19 situation the production was postponed and then had to be moved to being done virtually. It took a lot of hard work on the part of both staff and students but Opening Night is upon us! 


We would like to invite you to watch Collier High School Drama’s Production of Man Of la Mancha which will begin streaming this Thursday 12/17/20 at 7pm and will stop streaming on Saturday 12/20/20 at 10pm. 


Click the link below to watch our production starting this Thursday 12/17/20 at 7pm! 


During our normal productions we ask for a suggested donation $5 for admission to our shows. Which goes to fund our Senior Scholarships. We would like to ask you to make a donation today for this production. If you are able, we would greatly appreciate any size donation you are willing to make to help support our wonderful students. Of course, if you are not able to make a donation you can still watch the show! You can click the link below to make your donation.



CHS - Drama


Thank you so much for all of your support, and please ENJOY the SHOW!