Principal's Message

It’s always a wonderful thing to be at the place we are right now; having ended an extremely successful school year and now starting an exciting ESY program for our students that will take us through the summer.

The school year ended with final exams which wrapped up our academics for the year followed by many fun-filled and collaborative activities for our students. Our students take pride in their academics and with the support of our teachers studied hard and did well on their finals. There were many students who qualified for honor roll and principal honors which we always acknowledge in an end of the year assembly.

We were blessed with gorgeous weather for field day so students were able to be outside and positively compete with one another while laughing at our staff who are most competitive and definitely entertaining. Our Open Mic always reminds us of how special our environment is at Collier. Students sing, dance and perform on stage for their peers while our audience of students and staff cheer them on and feed their courage and pride. Seeing our students support and promote one another is what’s truly unique about our school. It is just one example of how students feel a sense of belonging and acceptance for whom they are. Our graduation ceremony is the climax of our year. We are so proud of our graduates who have overcome their challenges and have worked hard to achieve their goals and reach success. We had over 500 family, friends and staff attend our graduation to express their support and be part of this very special occasion. Although we will miss our graduates, we wish them the best and want to remind them that the door at Collier remains open. 

Long gone are the days where summer was quiet and our school was empty. With just a week off, students and staff are back on our campus working hard in our summer JET program which is full day and runs 6 weeks.

Our summer program offers transition supports for our incoming 9th graders, academic classes for all students and post graduate preparation for our seniors. All students have an opportunity to work on various projects and earn a stipend weekly. This invaluable program gives students an opportunity to gain work experience while being mentored and supported by our caring staff. 

I welcome anyone who is interested to visit our school and take an informal tour. We love having visitors and encourage you to learn more about Collier school.

Cynthia D'Arcy LSW, BCBA
Director Collier School