Mr. Curcio


Mr. John Curcio
Ms. Lisa Somma
Food Service Teachers
Collier High School
Collier Middle School
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The goal of the Food Services Classes is to give the students the practical experience necessary, through a mix of class study and real kitchen experience, to obtain an entry-level position within the Food Services Industry.


The Food Services Program is designed to give the student a general overview of all the different aspects of a working kitchen.  Entry level students will learn knife skills and commercial prep skills by utilizing class study, reinforced with actual work time in the kitchen.  Our feeling is that the best way to learn to work in a kitchen is to actually work in a kitchen, and not just read about it.  Students will learn Safety and Sanitation, Tools and Equipment, and Basic Cooking Principles, Recipes and Conversions.  Returning students will reinforce their previous experiences while continuing their Food Service Education by learning more in-depth cooking principles. 


Once students have completed, and demonstrated, their knowledge of Safety and Sanitation, they will begin working in the kitchen, rotating through all the different stations and exposing themselves to all aspects of kitchen life.