Alumni Spotlight


EGIt’s hard to imagine that it’s been 19 years since I graduated. It’s funny, because I came to Collier as a troubled kid who had a major problem with authority and relationships. I was very lucky to grow up in a good home, but I was constantly battling everything. My parents loved me, but I fought them hard. Now they are some of my best friends.  I also remember giving Mr. Breen, Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Talty and Mr. Donahue headaches.  I visited  Mr. Bock and Mrs. Colmore numerous times. I really didn't get involved while in school, but I knew the teachers cared about me. I was that kid that others may be shocked to read about. The teachers really took time out of their days for me. Maybe that’s why I fought back and always caused trouble. The teachers at Collier cared, even for a goofball like me. It's funny because I look back now and my advice would be to try the best you can and you won't regret it.  You can fight city hall, but you won't win. And I didn’t, I just delayed things.  READ MORE

Jonathan LaGuer Is “The Toxic Avenger” At Middlesex County College 
By: Jonathan LaGuer